Greenfield Lightlife Triathlon
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Sunday, August 2, 2020 - Greenfield, Massachusetts
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Greenfield Triathlon

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Greenfield Recreation Department

International race limit - 200 participants, Sprint race limit - 250 participants


We will keep an updated list of participants on this site.

Last Minute On-Site Registration on August 3rd from 4-6pm at Packet Pick up Only. We are increasing all the fees for late day registration by 20%.

When registering for two person or three person teams, you can register together in one transaction or each member individually. Fees are divided equally per person. Each additional team member must pay their own USAT One-Day License if needed. See instructions below:

NEW: Open Wave 2019

The Open Category is a self-seeded category that gives athletes who are hoping to be one of the first finishers in their distance a chance to compete head to head against other similar athletes. Athletes entering in the Open Category should have a clearer space on the swim/bike/run, as well as potential weather benefits with an earlier start.

Athletes who enter in the Open Category will be eligible ONLY for Overall Awards and will not be eligible to go down into Age Group awards. An athlete racing in the Open Category will receive USAT finishing points, however they cannot podium for Age Group awards. An athlete registering as an Age Group athlete is still eligible to receive an Overall Award.

The Open Category will be offered for both Sprint and International Distances and will have its own co-ed swim waves that will start first. The Open Category will be limited to 30 entrants in each distance. Athletes can sign up for the Open Category during registration. Athletes approved into this category at Race Director’s discretion.

Team Member Sign Up in One Transaction:
  The first team member will register with their information.
  Select “Create New Team” and assign the team name.
  Share this exact name with your fellow teammates.
  Select which relay event(s) you are competing in.
  Additional team members can register by selecting “Join Existing Team” and searching your team name.
  For each new member, select which relay event(s) you are competing in. Each leg of the relay event must be assigned to a team member.
  Team will pay fees all together.

Team Member Sign Up Individually:
  The first team member will register with their information.
  Select “Create New Team” and assign the team name.
  Select which relay event(s) you are competing in.
  To add members to the team during this same transaction, click on the “add new entry” button before you check out.
  Add additional team members by selecting “Join Existing Team” and searching your team name.
  For each new member, select which relay event(s) they are competing in. Each leg of the relay event must be assigned to a team member.
  Each team member will pay fees individually.

Age Requirement:
you must be 10 on race day to compete.

NOTE: USA Triathlon Age for Age Group Competition:

USA Triathlon has instituted a new rule for determining the age group each participant will compete in. The age used for placing you in age group competition for points and awards will be your age as of December 31st. What does this mean for you? If you were born before August 5th, your age for selecting your competition age group will be your current age. If you were born on or after August 5th, your age, for selecting your age group for competition will be your age as of 12/31.

For most of you this will not make a change in your competitive age group. If you're 32, for example, becoming 33 will not change your competition age grouping. The folks who might be affected are those of you who are ages ending in 4 or 9. If you were born after August 6th, and your age ends in a 4 or 9, your age for competition will be adjusted to what it would be on 12/31... you'll gain a year. This will put you in the next higher competitive age group.

Under 15 (Minimum age 10) Cumulative Age <=60
15-19 Cumulative Age > 60 and < 120
20-24 Cumulative Age >=120
25-29 Calculating Cumulative Age
30-34 Team may consist of 2 or 3 persons
35-39 Add Ages of the Swimmer, Biker, & Runner
40-44 If a team member is participating
45-49 in 2 segments, add their age twice
60-64 Male 220 lbs+
65-69 Female 165 lbs+

Event Fees
Before July 15
July 16 & After
Sprint $ 70.00 $ 80.00
International $ 85.00 $ 95.00
Two person Sprint Team $ 100.00 $ 120.00
Three person Sprint Team $ 120.00 $ 150.00
Two person International Team $ 130.00 $ 150.00
Three person International Team $ 165.00 $ 195.00

NOTE: Early registration discount will automatically be applied by Chronotrack until July 15th at 11:59 am EDST.

USA Triathlon member: All athletes must be members of USAT to compete in any of the races. If you do not have an annual membership, you must purchase a one-day membership for $15 which will be charged when you register. If you are planning on participating in four or more triathlons this year, and you are not a member of our sanctioning body, USAT you may want to consider an annual membership. The cost of an annual membership is $50 per adult and $10 for youths (17 and under by December 31, 2018.) Benefits include a magazine subscription, discounts on gear, etc.
Read more here: USAT Membership Benefits

Transfers: No race transfers are allowed. On-site packet pickup will require photo proof of identity (driver's license, passport, etc). Participants who swap or sell their race number will not be allowed to race.

Refunds: No refunds will be granted due to injury or sickness prior to race day.

No credits or refunds will be given if the race is cancelled or the timing or date of the event is altered for reasons outside the control of the race organizers or if the race course is changed due to poor weather.
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