Greenfield Lightlife Triathlon
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Sunday, August 2, 2020 - Greenfield, Massachusetts
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Greenfield Triathlon

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Greenfield Recreation Department

Winner History
Women's Int Tri Winners Women's Sprint Tri Winners
Men's Int Tri Winners Men's Sprint Tri Winners
Team Int Tri Winners Team Sprint Tri Winners

Menís Sprint Race Champions
Year Champion Home Town Time
2019* Luke Sullivan Groton, CT 0:51:33.8*
2018 Robert Hollinger Newburyport, MA 1:04:30.1
2017 Jay Gump Conway, MA 1:04:52.1
2016 Daniel Benson Deerfield, MA 1:10:24.8
2015 Daniel Benson Deerfield, MA 1:08:01.5
2014 David Hansen Rochester, NY 1:06:31.1
2013 Gregory Shea Shelburne Falls, MA 1:05:53.8
2012** Daniel Bensen Greenfield, MA 57:24**
2011 Gregory Shea Shelburne Falls, MA 1:06:49
2010 Gregory Shea Chester, VT 1:07:03
2009* Jeff Donatello Eliot, ME 58:11*
2008 Jeff Donatello Eliot, ME 1:07:33
2007 Mike Baker Barnstable, MA 1:09:08
2006 Tim Donahue Jamaica, VT 1:05:46
2005 Graham Rigby Essex Junction, VT 1:07:13
2004 Win Whitcomb Hatfield, MA 1:08:47
2003* Dean Phillips Beverly, MA 1:00:14*
2002 Win Whitcomb Haydenville, MA 1:10:16
2001 John Spinney Williston, VT 1:04:15
2000 John Spinney Williston, VT 1:03:56
1999 Pierre Yurow Bsgiz New York, NY 1:07:08
1998 Shaun Garvey Dalton, MA 1:08:33
1997 Vance Dean Southington, CT 1:09:30
1996 Vance Dean Southington, CT 1:08:24
1995 John Spinney Williston, VT 1:11:56

* Due to a high bacteria count in the Green River, the Swim was replaced by a short run.
** The 2012 Course was significantly different from previous years due to damage from Tropical Storm Irene in August of 2011. The swim portion of the race was replaced by a short run due to a high bacteria count in the Green River.
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