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Sunday, August 4, 2019 - Greenfield, Massachusetts
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2014 Massachusetts Club Championship
NOTE: Location not yet determined. Visit for more information about this year’s club championship locations.

The following USA Triathlon Guidelines apply to USAT registered clubs with members participating in the Greenfield Triathlon: (for more information go to the web site)

The Massachusetts Club Championship competition will be held in the Greenfield Triathlon's International Distance Ironman category.

The following club divisions shall apply to the New England Club Championship.

Division I: >250 members
Division II: 249-130
Division III: 129-89
Division IV: 79-30
Division V: 29-2
A club must be a registered USAT club in order to participate in Massachusetts club competition.

All registered Massachusetts USAT clubs may compete in the Massachusetts championship.

ALL FORMS and ROSTERS must be turned in 2 weeks PRIOR to the event by the CLUB PRESIDENT.
All racers on your roster MUST be active members of your multi-sport club. The race directors/timers will not accept any rosters/members after the deadline has passed. Click here to download an Excel-based Roster sheet. Send the completed Roster as an email attachment to David Levesque, USAT NE Regional Championship Director.

A scoring club member must be an annual USAT member or a holder of a one-day license.

Out of region clubs are welcome to participate in the Greenfield Triathlon, but will not be included in scoring.

A club member holding a USAT Elite-Professional License will be awarded performance or participation points based on performance, within the appropriate age group competitive division, that shall apply to the overall club score.


Individuals will be ranked within their gender and age-group category.
Points (6-2) will be awarded in descending order from 1st - 5th place according to the individual's overall finish in the respective gender and age group category.
  Example: Jane Doe, 1st place, female, 25-29 = 6 points
Dawn Ray 3rd place, female, 45-49 = 4 points
All club members not placing in the age-group categories shall receive one-half (1/2) PARTICIPATION POINT for completing the competition.


Clubs shall be ranked, within their respective club divisions (I-V), based on the club's aggregate performance and participation points for all age and gender, Physically Challenged Athletes, and Clydesdale - Athena categories.
Club participation points shall be capped at:

Division I: 125
Division II: 60
Division III: 25
Division IV: 25
Division V: 10
The Regional Club Championship shall award distance points, on a per team basis, in accordance with the following distances. The distance shall be determined using airline miles from the domicile city of a club to the location of the National Club Championship.

>1000 miles = 5 distance points
999 - 600 miles = 4 distance points
599 - 300 miles = 3 distance points
299 - 180 miles = 2 distance points
179- 100 miles = 1 distance points
<99 miles = 0 distance points
The regional club competitions shall be scored and awards presented on-site on the date of the competition.

A minimum of two (2) representatives, one from race management or assignee and a regional representative, shall validate club competition results on-site.

USAT shall provide the 1st place club award per division contested at the regional club championship.

The Greenfield Triathlon will offer a 2nd and 3rd place club competition award per club division contested at regional club competitions.

Relay teams are not eligible for club competition scoring.

Scoring for club members competing in the Clydesdale and Athena divisions shall conform to the scoring procedures outlined here and in accordance with the USAT standards for the relevant competitive category.

The number of finishers shall decide a tie in favor of the club with the most finishers. This tiebreaker procedure shall apply to ties within club divisions.

A club may appeal the eligibility of a club and/or athlete to compete at the National Club Championship to the USAT Head Referee assigned to the competition 60 minutes prior to the scheduled awards ceremony. The USAT Head Referee may elect to convene a review committee consisting of her/himself, the race director, race timer, and a regional representative. The decision of the USAT Head Referee or committee shall be final.

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