Greenfield Lightlife Triathlon
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Sunday, August 7, 2016 - Greenfield, Massachusetts
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Greenfield Triathlon

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Bensen, Cameron give Triathlon local champs
8-3-2015_The Recorder_Sports_by Jason Butynski
On July 23, Greenfield native Dan Bensen celebrated his marriage to college sweetheart Rachel Meyer with a wedding. Ten days later, he was again celebrating ó this time, Greenfield Lightlife Triathlonís Sprint Division championship. Bensen cruised through the 32nd running of the event to finish in 1 hour, 8 minutes, 1.5 seconds to beat the field by more than three minutes Sunday morning at the Green River Swimming & Recreation Area. . . . Click here for full article
Out To Dry
8-3-2015_The Recorder_photo by Matt Burkhartt
Competitors in the 32nd annual Greenfield Lightlife Triathlon exit the Green River after completing the swimming leg of the event at the Green River Swimming and Recreation Area on Nashs Mill Road Sunday . . Click here for photo
Covered bridge is back for Sundayís Triathlon
7-31-2015_The Recorder_Sports_by Jason Butynski
The bridge. Ah, the bridge. Finally, itís back. After a three-year hiatus, the covered Pumping Station bridge on Eunice Williams Drive makes its long-awaited return to the Greenfield Lightlife Triathlon during the 32nd running of the annual race Sunday morning at the Green River Swimming and Recreation Area in Greenfield. The most famous and picturesque part of the course has always been that covered bridge, but the floods from Hurricane Irene in 2011 destroyed it and caused race officials to create an alternate route for the past three years. The bridge reopened this past fall, so now the triathlon can return to its original route, much to the delight of organizers and participants. ďIím extremely excited, itís nice to have our traditional course back,Ē Greenfield Recreation Director Christy Moore said. ďI think the athletes are excited, too. They missed it. Itís just so quintessential New England to have a covered bridge on the route. I donít know of any other triathlon that has a covered bridge on the route.Ē . . . Click here for full article
Skidmore dominant at Lightlife Triathlon
8-4-2014_The Recorder_Sports_by Jason Butynski
It was not going to be easy for Meghan Skidmore to best her 2013 performance at the Greenfield Lightlife Triathlon, but the North Conway, N.H., resident put on a show to remember during the 31wst annual running of the event. Skidmore not only won the women's overall International Competition, she also beat all the men in the event to claim her second consecutive title Sunday morning at the Green River Swimming & Recreation Area. . . Click here for full article
Triple Feat
8-4-2014_The Recorder_Main_photos by Micky Bedell
Participants of the Greenfield Lightlife Triathlon make their way through the event course. . . Click here for full article
Greenfield Triathlon on tap Sunday
8-2-2014_The Recorder_Sports_by Mark Durant
Now in its fourth decade, the Greenfield Lightlife Triathlon appears to be as strong as ever. Race Director Christy Moore of the Greenfield Recreation Department said that 229 athletes have registered for the various age groups and divisions as of Wednesday night – including 123 for the individual Sprint course and 73 for the individual International course for the 31st-annual event, which takes place Sunday morning beginning at 8 a.m. at the Green River Swimming & Recreation Area. . . Click here for full article
Greenfield Triathlon draws old pros and newcomers
8-5-2013_The Recorder_Main_by Chris Curtis
The finish area of the Greenfield Lightlife Triathlon fills rapidly with spectators as finishers begin to trickle in, to be immediately surrounded by family and friends with water and congratulations . . . Click here for full article
Shea, Bensen steal show at Lightlife Triathlon
8-5-2013_The Recorder_Sports_by Jason Butynski
Last summer, Gregory Shea was disappointed that the swimming portion of the Greenfield Lightlife Triathlon had to be canceled due to high levels of bacteria in the Green River. This year, he showed why . . . Click here for full article
Meaningful Bell Award winner
8-5-2013_The Recorder_Sports_by Jason Butynski
Noah Kramer was a spectator five years ago, watching father Daniel Kramer run the Greenfield Lightlife Triathlon. During the awards ceremony following the event, Noah, then 9, listened as the Patrick Bell Award was given out to Lexi Skovran, a 12-year-old who was the youngest competitor to finish the race . . . Click here for full article
Greenfield Triathlon hits 30 years
8-3-2013_The Recorder_Sports_by Jason Butynski
The Greenfield Lightlife Triathlon will celebrate its 30th year of racing on Sunday morn-ing.More than 200 athletes are slated to take part in the 30th running of the competition, which takes place on the first Sunday of August and has become a staple in Greenfield after three decades of racing . . . Click here for full article
ĎTo finish is to winí Hundreds expected at Greenfieldís 30th triathlon Sunday
8-3-2013_The Recorder_ Life & Times_by Kathleen McKiernan
From June until August, Luke Toritto, 18, of Greenfield wheels his bike from his home or laces up his sneakers after work and takes to the pavement . . . Click here for full article

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